Sustainability at Nadheer Alsaadi

The world we want in the future begins with how we conduct our company now, and that has been our guiding principle for more than a century Throughout our history as a family-owned business, we have remained committed to the belief that we can have a good effect on the world around us.
The communities in which we do business and our partners depend on us to contribute to a healthier, safer environment. Our Sustainable in a Generation Plan is built around the idea that a healthy earth, happy people, and a diverse society are all possible.
It is this philosophy that drives our commitment to using our global size, resources, and expertise to contribute to a better future for people and the world..
Our approach to fulfilling our mission, which is to unleash the quality-of-life-enhancing potential of food for current and future generations, is founded on the principle of “creating shared value,” or CSV. We have strived to establish our business strategy on decisions that are not just beneficial to us and our shareholders, but also to society and the environment.
The ambition to contribute to healthy and sustainable diets, to conserve, rejuvenate, and restore natural resources, to improve communities, and to conduct our business responsibly drives our work.

These initiatives, together with our Forest Positive approach and our Waters pledges, all build on our Net Zero Roadmap commitments and demonstrate the ability to positively affect a wide range of linked problems.

As a result, we’re taking steps to promote large-scale regenerative food systems.
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