We are one of the largest distribution companies in the Republic of Iraq, we import food products from all over the world and represent several food companies in Iraq. We are a family company founded in 1905 and established 272 branch in 1987 and had a major breakthrough in 2003 after the economic opening in Iraq The company works in the import and distribution of various commercial FMCG, goods and we have achieved great success in the distribution in wholesale and retail Our first product was rice 272 basmati 1121 where it has been in the market leader in Iraq for several years. The company has expanded its distribution network to cover other LOBs such as HoReCa, MT, TT, Pharmacies and has established branches in Kurdistan region, and the southern region of Basra, and the Middle Furat region in addition to the main headquarters in Baghdad and sub distributor are spread in all Iraqi governorates.

We have been able and efficient to provide the Iraqi market with more than 250 consumer products and provide distribution services, delivery and continuous supply for market needs. We cover around 17000 point of sales in iraq and have a special branch to distribute legumes and aromatics and rawmaterials for restaurants and sweet factories and bakers.


To become Number 1 company in Iraq specializing in Marketing and Distribution FMCG Products for All Trade Channels including HoReCa and Pharmacies.


Our Mission is to help Consumer Package Goods Suppliers Sustain and Grow their Business in Iraq.


- Equality and equity.
- Responsibility and accountability.
- Team spirit.
- Excellence and quality.
- Professionalism and commitment.
- Synergy and integrity.


To provide products and services of high quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumers today and in the future. Our success in achieving this goal entails maintaining our leadership in sales, profits and value creation. This is what brings success and prosperity to our employees, shareholders and the local communities in which we live and work.

  • The company has three headquarters:
    1. Headquarters in the central region of Baghdad.
    2. The second branch in the southern region of Basra city.
    3. The third branch in the northern city of Erbil.
    4. The forth branch in the Middle Furat – Karbala.
    5. Subdistributers spread in all iraqi governorates.

We are a private family company with a sales traffic
of more than 75 million dollar annually.

  • Financial ability.
  • Alliance with several small distribution companies in Iraqi cities.
  • A large distribution sales force with high experience in this field.
  • The sales staff: 111 employees.
  • all around of the Iraqi provinces.
  • The distribution staff: 25 employees.
  • The management staff: 25 employees.
  • The warehouse staff: 30 employees.
  • The company equipment: 62 Car.
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